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Welcome to We Go Again - Liverpool Reds, a blog about Liverpool Football Club with a Swedish perspective written in English. My name is Leif Larsson and I am a Swede living in Sweden. I have been a Liverpool supporter for over 40 years. I will write about all kinds of things that concerns Liverpool FC. Sometimes I will hand out praise, other times it will be the opposite. I will continuously add different categories to the blog.

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Sterling leaves his teens

CelebrationPosted by Leif Larsson Mon, December 08, 2014 09:10:47

You get the feeling that he´s been around forever but Raheem Sterling is still a very young lad. Today he leaves his teens and turns 20. Congratulations Raheem!

The Jamaican-born attacker switched Queens Park Rangers for Liverpool as a 15-year old in 2010. He made his Red debut still only 15. He broke into the first team a couple of years later when he made 24 appeareances in the 2012/13 season.

Last season he took another step and became a regular and scored nine times in the league. He started well this season but his form has swayed and he hasn´t found the net in two and a half months. Play-wise he is on the up right now but still not at the level of last season. He seems to be trying too hard and has forgot how to do the simple things. Probably he feels the burden of being the go-to-guy with Luis Suarez gone and Daniel Sturridge injured.

So far Sterling has just found the net three times in 2014/15 and is waiting for his first ever goal in the Champions League. Why not make it happen tomorrow when Liverpool must beat Basel to progress to the knockout stages. It would be perfect for Sterling to break his European duck just after being 20 because then:

We Go Again.

Legend Sami Hyypia turns 41 today

CelebrationPosted by Leif Larsson Tue, October 07, 2014 18:41:19

Today we give our warmest congratulations to a Liverpool legend. Sami Hyypia is celebrating his 41st birthday. He was born on this date in 1973 in the Finnish town of Porvoo.

Few defenders has made such a mark in a Liverpool shirt. Hyypia belonged to Liverpool for ten years and played well over 300 league games. He won the Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup with the Reds. He is remebered for his sportmanship and exemplary defending skills such as heading, tackling and reading the game well. But the memory that sticks out is his magnificent volleyed goal versus Juventus at Anfield on the road to that famous Champions League final in Istanbul.

Since leaving Liverpool in 2009 the likeable Finn has played for and managed Bayer Leverkusen and is currently boss of Championship side Brighton.

Many Kopites see him as a future manager of Liverpool FC. Me too. When it happens, rather than if, then Hyypia and Liverpool once more can agree on:

We Go Again.

Sturridge, 25 today, can be more effective

CelebrationPosted by Leif Larsson Mon, September 01, 2014 14:45:33

Deadline Day is here and at the same time Daniel Sturridge is lining up his birthday, he becomes 25 today. Congrats Studge!

Liverpool´s prolific striker is now entering the prime years of his career. The upcoming five years is the ones when he should leave his lasting impression in football.

Daniel Sturridge is on the verge of becoming a complete striker. He´s got a marvellous scoring record for Liverpool, incredibly good in fact.

He is also full of ideas, has some clever tricks up his sleeve, he is quick to act on an impulse and is good at many football aspects. He is ice cool in front of goal (for most of the time) has a fine left foot shot, he can hit it with pace and bend the ball. The Birmingham-born runs fast and is constantly on the move. He links up well with his team-mates and we saw promising glimpses of a new partnership with Mario Balotelli yesterday.

Some weaknesses is still there to be wiped out. Sturridge is too keen to always do something fantastic when he is in possession. A dribble past a couple of opponents or a almost impossible pass. Okay, sometimes he succeeds but too often he loses the ball.

The manager must urge him to more often take the fast route, in other words play with one touch, give and go and chose the simple pass. When he starts to do this, and combines it with his trickery, Sturridge will be even more hard to read for opponents. And in the process become a more dangerous attacker. After the birthday cake has settled in his belly it´s time to fire it up and say:

We Go Again.

Glen Johnson, 30 today, must improve

CelebrationPosted by Leif Larsson Sat, August 23, 2014 11:19:34

Today Glen Johnson celebrates his 30th birthday. A congratulation is in order on his big day.

The fullback signed for Liverpool in June 2009 completing a big money transfer from Portsmouth. Since then he has been a regular in the red shirt but constantly critised. And regrettably the critics has quite often been right. Johnson has got it all and could have been a fantastic defender.

He is well-built, strong and not a bad tackler. He is pretty quick and has good technique. His right foot can unleash belters and screamers and even the weaker left foot commands a decent shot.

But he has wasted his chance to be a superb player. His worst fault is that he rates himself to high and therefore tries things that is not on. For instance slow dribbles through packed areas. The result is often possession lost which on numerous occasions leads to dangerous counter-attacks with Johnson slowly trotting back, seemingly uninterested. His positional play in defence is also questionable.

All in all Glen Johnson could have been much better with more self-knowledge. He must learn to value situations better and take the simple decision on a more regular basis. A pass to the nearest red is often the best solution when in an attacking position. Not a meaningless dribble or a run down a blind alley. An improvement in his work ethics is also required. Furthermore Johnson should be more aware in defensive positions and constantly check where the opposition is, not only the ball. Hopefully he realizes his shortcomings, works on them and finishes his career at the level his potential has. He is a bit below right now.

Astonishingly he has kept both a Liverpool and an England place for quite some time. This season, though, his regular spot at Anfield is under serious threat with young and gamehungry teammates vying for the fullback positions.

If Johnson doesn´t up his game he is destined to watch from the sidelines when the starting eleven says:

We Go Again.

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