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Maybe CL doesn´t require a bigger squad

Tactics & analysisPosted by Leif Larsson Tue, August 19, 2014 11:21:49

Constantly people say that Liverpool need a bigger squad because of the many more games this season due to Champions League involvement. Well, it´s not a God given truth, it could be just three more games compared to last season. And then you hardly need more players.

Last season Liverpool played 38 league games, three in the FA Cup and two in the League Cup, none in Europe, a total of 43 matches.

This season it can be 46. The league games is once more 38, but if we are eliminated at first time of asking in both FA Cup and League Cup and don´t progress from the group stage of the CL it will only be an additional eight matches. One in either of the domestic cups and six in CL. A total of 46 matches.

And it is not an unrealistic scenario. In CL Liverpool will surely be handed a tough group because of the five year absence from the competition. So an early elimination is not so far-fetched.

And two falls at the first hurdle in the domestic cups is also a possible occurrence. Last season is a good example of how we fare when tough opposition on the road beckons. In the third round of the League Cup Manchester United sent us out and in the FA Cup Arsenal did the same in the fifth round. Both were away games. New unfortunate draws, in our first cup games in LC and FAC, could give us top teams away with elimination a stark possibility.

Hopefully it won´t happen and let´s instead believe that we will perform amazing in all three cups and reach the final in all of them. Then the Reds would play at least ten more matches in the domestic cups and seven more games in the CL. In total 25 cup games, a total of 63 competitive fixtures.

If that happens, then we certainly need a bigger squad with more quality than last season.

Probably it will be something in between 46 and 63 matches this season, let´say 54. If so, then the current size of the squad, plus a striker, should suffice.

If not, then there is always next year when:

We Go Again.