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Top players will keep saying no to L4

Tactics & analysisPosted by Leif Larsson Wed, December 24, 2014 12:52:42

Soon the transfer window opens again and it has been talk of Liverpool signing Karim Benzema, Paul Pogba and other top, top European players. Well, forget about it. That particular boat sailed when our title challenge last season proved to be a flash in the pan.

For years Liverpool has been unable to sign the cream of the crop. Our inability to challenge for the league title and our recent absence from the Champions League being the main reasons. Our grand history has not been enough to lure the very best to Anfield. (Luis Suarez was not world-class when he arrived).

So when we surprisingly got ourselves in the title battle mix last season some believed that top class players once more would like to come to Liverpool. That notion was proved wrong during the summer transfer window this year. None of the top players signed for us. Alexis Sanchez being the prime example, we wanted him he didn´t want us.

Why couldn´t we attract these kind of performers? I think it´s because they know what´s happened to Liverpool in the last decade or so when we finished second. The following campaign has seen us slide down the table and end up among the also-rans once more. It happened in 2001/2002 when we came second and the following year dropped to fifth. Same old story in 2008/09 when a runner-up spot transformed into a 7th place finish a year later.

So this summer the first-rate guys didn´t want to gamble on a move to a club that in the recent past never been able to maintain the required high standards for a title fight more than one year. So they turned down a Liverpool move and awaited how the Reds would perform this season. If Liverpool had been able to once more fight for the Premier League crown then it would have been a completely different situation in the summer of 2015. Then top-drawer players might have been interested in joining Liverpool due to our recent efforts aswell as our history. But since Liverpool once more has slided down the table new proof has emerged of how risky it would be for world class players to join us. They don´t want to plodding around in mid-table and playing Europa League on Thursdays.

Our reputation was on the mend thanks to last season´s exploits. Due to this season´s mediocre performances and results it´s worse than in a long time and has made it almost impossible to get the match-winners to come to L4. We had the chance and blew it. Lately a typical Liverpool slipping exercise.

Now we need another strategy and that is to find young gems and develop them ourselves. Nothing else to do as:

We Go Again.