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An explosion against Leicester

HistoryPosted by Leif Larsson Wed, December 31, 2014 15:01:45

Last season Liverpool played what I call explosion football. We came out of the blocks like greyhounds, played furious-fast football and had everything wrapped up by half-time. The prime example was the demolition of Arsenal when the Reds was four up within 20 minutes. But this kind of football is not new. Let´s go back 46 years in time and examine when Liverpool dispatched Leicester in a flash.

Tomorrow Leicester arrives at Anfield for the second meeting with Liverpool this season. We beat them 3-1 a month ago. Through history our best results at L4 versus the Foxes is four wins with a four goal margin. One of those games took place on the 21st of September 1968 when Liverpool was in crazy hurry to grab the win. It was the tenth game of the season and the Reds had started reasonably well. We were in 3rd place in the table when relegation zone positioned Leicester visited.

Perhaps the Foxes hoped for shared spoils but those desires were soon dashed. Liverpool was like a wounded lion and was all over the Foxes from the off. In the 2nd minute Ron Yeats, the colossus of a central defender, made it 1-0. Two minutes later fellow defender and hard-man Tommy Smith converted from the spot. Leicester was then allowed some breathing space, but not for long.

In the 10th minute teenager and new signing Alun Evans found the net for 3-0 in his Liverpool debut. He was in fact the first teeanger in English football to cost 100 000 pounds. Only two minutes later it was time for 48 000 people at Anfield to cheer again. Ian Callaghan found the net and it was 4-0. No more goals followed and this showing was a precursor to what happened last season when these kind of matches were commonplace.

In 2013/14 Liverpool scored in 35 of the 38 league games and in 34 of those matches we scored in the first half. An incredible record.

A funny thing about the 4-0 win against Leicester was not the score but the the scorers. Prolific guys like Ian St John, Roger Hunt and Peter Thompson started but couldn´t find the net. Instead two defenders, one newcomer and a midfielder more known for his playmaking abilities were on target.

I can easily live with a similar performance tomorrow when:

We Go Again.