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Let´s move on from Suarez

Tactics & analysisPosted by Leif Larsson Fri, August 22, 2014 16:57:29

It´s time to bury Luis Suarez. Okay, not literally but in other ways. Right now he is lingering on in red minds and hovering over Anfield. He is still a topic (oops, I am obviously guilty aswell) for papers and websites pondering: what would have happened if he had stayed and how is Liverpool going to manage without him. It´s time to put all this to bed and what a better way to do it than to convincingly beat Man City on Monday and get Sturridge, Sterling and Coutinho on the scoresheet.

With Mario Balotelli apparently on the brink of signing for Liverpool perhaps Luis Suarez´s ghost, aura, presence or whatever, which still seems to be levitating above Anfield, will disappear. Balotelli will bring other issues to deal with.

But still many people is talking about how Liverpool must replace the 31 goals Suarez scored last season. Hopefully the players doesn´t get into this thinking which easily can destabilise, take away focus and be downright detrimental to Liverpool´s future. The future that is here now.

Let´s remember what Suarez did on the pitch för the Reds, especially the incredible goals that he scored last season. It will be some time before someone else will be able to do something similar.

But Liverpool can be successful without the Uruguayan, that´s for sure. Football is of course about scoring goals, but even more about picking up points. So we don´t have to win by 4-0 or 5-1 every time and subsequently hit the 100 mark goalwise. If we score 80 goals this season, a realistic aim with the current squad, and let in 35, also a plausible possibility, then a title challenge is certainly on the cards. Some facts give encouragement to a 80 goal tally. In five of the last ten seasons the league champions scored 80 goals or less.

Already are the two players, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge, tipped to score the most for the Reds this season, off the mark. If they, and Philippe Coutinho, can keep it up versus Man City then a solid foundation for goals is set. Add a win to that and the Suarez phantom will withdraw into the shadows and before long evaporate. Especially as a new Italian spirit looms.

To bury Luis Suarez was perhaps a wee bit harshly put. But let´s take him away from the present reality, place him in the history books and move on. Because even without Suarez:

We Go Again.