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Introduce a two ref system

MiscellanousPosted by Leif Larsson Thu, January 22, 2015 14:24:24

This season Premier League referees has been critisised for weak performances. And rightly so, they have too often made bad decisions. There is a simple solution to the problem: Introduce a two ref system.

In English papers, mainly Daily Mail, bad calls by referees has been highlighted. Reporters and even former refs has slated the present crop of refs. A lot of wrong decisions in matches has been made, some of them deciding the outcome of the game. The refs have missed blatant penalties and given them when no foul was made. A lot of other pretty easy calls has also been wrong. And difficult and tough ones has also been misjudged.

One argument for this is that refs can´t keep up with intensity and pace of the football in the top tier of English football. There is probably some truth in that. They aren´t close enough to be able to judge situations and on other occasions things happens so fast that they just doesn´t see them properly.

If a system with two referees was introduced things would improve instantly and remarkably, that I´m sure of. Then each referee would have 50 percent of the football pitch to take care of. They needn´t run so much as today and in the process being less tired. This would mean that they always could be near the action and therefore making fewer mistakes.

Perhaps some believe it would be chaos with two referees. Arguments being they would have trouble knowing who should make the calls around the centre of the pitch, different calls being made or hesitation in refereeing relying on the other ref taking charge. Maybe all this things would happen at first but soon enough the co-operation would work. And why not. It does in a lot of other sports with two refs such as ice hockey, handball and basket. It´s my firm belief that we would see far less wrong decisions with two refs.

No time to lose, introduce a two ref system which would make football results more fair and at the same time enhance referees reputation.

But we probably have to wait for years for FIFA to realize this. In the meantime:

We Go Again.