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Title race bosh from Pellegrini

MiscellanousPosted by Leif Larsson Sat, August 23, 2014 12:30:56

Manuel Pellegrini, manager of Manchester City, has got short memory. Or is just talking rubbish. According to Daily Mirror he claims that Liverpool couldn´t deal with the pressure of last season´s title race and therefore collapsed. Pure hogwash.

His claim is that Liverpool caved in at the final stretch and that his team could handle pressure and therefore became champions.

That is not the truth at all. Everybody knows it was a slippery blade of grass that was Liverpool´s downfall. Hadn´t the slip occurred (you now which one) Liverpool and Chelsea would certainly have played out a 0-0-draw. How do I know? Well, Chelsea was terrified with Liverpool at the time and would more than happily settled for a draw.

And after that point Liverpool would have needed two wins versus Crystal Palace and Newcastle to become champions. Nothing Man City would have done could have altered that. And Liverpool would have grabbed that chance. That´s a dead cert.

It was one defining moment and that was the slip. So what Pellegrini in fact is saying is that slip occurred due to pressure. I repeat: Complete nonsense.

He obviously has to justify his team´s lucky title win. Because without that unfortunate slip Man City would have ended up as runners-up. Fact.

Perhaps he should take a look at Vincent Kompany´s clumsy clearance before Liverpool´s winning goal against Man City at Anfield. In that case you could talk about buckling under pressure.

Let´s make Pellegrini eat his words on Monday when:

We Go Again.