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Swift turnover in personnel

MiscellanousPosted by Leif Larsson Fri, September 12, 2014 17:56:10

Nowadays teamsheets look completely different from one season to another. Evidence is shown tomorrow when Liverpool face Aston Villa. This is the fourth game of the season and a year ago in the fourth game five, six or even seven players who then appeared in a red shirt won´t be participating this time.

Liverpool has added nine new names to the squad this season compared to last. Around the same amount has left. The turnover this summer is a bit out of the ordinary, but not so much. New-look squads in August is commonplace these days. Back in the day it was a different story. The squads were often quite intact year after year.

But now clubs ring the changes as often as the church bells go off. The Liverpool squad this and last year is a fitting example.

When the Reds last year met Swansea in the fourth league game players like Andre Wisdom and Victor Moses made the starting eleven. They are now gone. Only four players that started in that match is certain to do it in the fourth game this season, the encounter with Aston Villa tomorrow. It´s Simon Mignolet, Mamadou Sakho, Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson. And Sakho is playing only because Martin Skrtel is out injured.

Another three players participating in the Swansea game has a decent chance of starting now. Philippe Coutinho was rested in the last match but could return now. José Enrique and Lucas Leiva has a small chance to make the cut. Skrtel played against Swansea but is out now, so is Daniel Sturridge.

In theory seven players from last season´s fourth fixture can start this season´s fourth match. But the probable outcome is that only four is actually doing it.

If we look at the teamsheet from last season´s home match with Aston Villa about the same player turnover occurs. From that game in January this year only Mignolet, Gerrard, Henderson and Sterling is likely to start. Coutinho is the possible fifth player to do it. The other six is either sold, out injured or on the bench.

When the fourth game of the season comes around next season then probably only a couple of players is the same as two years before. But it doesn´t really matter, as long as:

We Go Again.