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Welcome to We Go Again - Liverpool Reds, a blog about Liverpool Football Club with a Swedish perspective written in English. My name is Leif Larsson and I am a Swede living in Sweden. I have been a Liverpool supporter for over 40 years. I will write about all kinds of things that concerns Liverpool FC. Sometimes I will hand out praise, other times it will be the opposite. I will continuously add different categories to the blog.

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A very important League Cup clash

PreviewPosted by Leif Larsson Tue, October 28, 2014 17:25:03

Tonight it´s time for a match at Anfield which some regard as unimportant or at least just an opportunity to test youngsters and brink players. I, on the other hand, think it´s an extremely crucial game for several reasons and Liverpool need to field best possible team. A win against Swansea in this fourth round tie in the League Cup can give a lot of good effects.

To begin with would a victory against a very good opponent give our stuttering team a much-needed shot of self-confidence. We surely need to start winning regularly, and not only in the league. Winning is a habit and every victory is a step towards creating a winning mentality. Success tonight makes it easier to beat Newcastle in the league on Saturday, and a setback will have the opposite effect.

A win means that the Reds has scored and as we have had a hard time finding the net recently every goal is a boost for both the team and the player responisble for the strike. Furthermore, if we can eliminate Swansea then we are one step closer to a trophy and the League Cup is the easiest to win. In fact, it´s probabaly the only one we can hope to get our hands on this season. The league is only a dream, so is the Champions League. And in the FA Cup the Premier League teams often field better and more experienced players than in the League Cup so it´s therefore harder to win.

And if we do our outmost to win the League Cup, and manage it, then we add to that mentioned and important winning habit. The feeling of lifting a trophy is something you want to do once more and that alone makes you more hungry for success. And because of this season´s team rebuilding a powerful bid to grab the League Cup would be a sensible move.

But sadly I believe that manager Brendan Rodgers will shuffle the pack a lot. Not a bad thing to do if Liverpool was challenging for bigger prizes but since we in all likelyhood are not, then the League Cup is our big prize. On the other hand, young and not regular players could easily perform as well the regular guys has done this season. They have not hit any heights.

Maybe players like Fabio Borini, Lazar Markovic and Jordan Rossiter can come in and show how it should be done. They will certainly not lack in effort and will. Hopefully the quality is enough to see off Swansea.

The vistitors is also be resting some players but not as many as the home team so it will be a difficult task for the Reds. To beat the Welsh side we need a display far better than the ones we produced against QPR and Hull in recent games. Swansea is a far better team than these two and we need a top notch performance to be victorious.

Liverpool is also seeking revenge. Swansea beat us in the League Cup two years ago when they came to Anfield and ran out 3-1 winners. The only other time Reds and Swans has met in the LC was in 1968 when Liverpool won 2-0 at L4 and a certain Ray Clemence made his debut. Let´s hope that the latter result is repeating itself in a few hours time. And I have a sneaking feeling that Liverpool for once this season muster a fine performance. 3-1 to the Reds. It would be a perfect set-up for the next round when:

We Go Again.