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Stop hitting row Z

Skill or notPosted by Leif Larsson Wed, October 29, 2014 16:04:49

Lucas Leiva ballooned the ball over the bar yesterday in the game against Swansea. So did Jordan Henderson and Mario Balotelli. Even Philippe Coutinho. And players hitting row Z is an alarmingly common sight in football. Why is it happening? Simple, the wrong technique is used and for some odd reason players never learn. Despite having all the time in the world and a paycheque telling them they are morally obliged to put in the hours to get the hang of it.

You can see it in every football match all over the world. A player getting a decent shooting opportunity about ten yards out but the execution is more often saved by a spectator high up in the stands instead of troubling the goalkeeper or finding the net.

The mishit is as common as sand in the Sahara desert. And the sad truth is that it could be rectified immediately. But no-one is doing anything about it. It is probably a wee bit embarrassing to address the problem. The argument is that professional footballers doesn´t need to learn how to shoot. They know how. Well, apparently not.

Two things is in need to be corrected. Firstly the angle of the body is almost always wrong. Players invariably lean backwards when shooting and then laws of physics enter the picture. Because if you lean backwards when unleashing a shot the angle of the body and the foot and to some degree the velocity of the strike will 99 percent of the time make the ball clear the bar with a large margin.

The other mistake is that players in these cases often sidefoots the ball. That makes it even more likely for a shot too high.

The right thing to do is to hit the ball on the volley and lean over it when shooting. Then it´s a guarantee for a shot not rising to high and a much harder strike compared to a sidefooted one.

Okay, sometimes there is no time to do the right thing. Opponents is closing in and you have to hurry your shot. But on many occasions there is enough time to execute in the right manner.

It´s funny and depressing that players are unable to do this. It´s a thing you as a footballer learn at a very young age. Practise a lot and it will be an automatic action. Now a lot of players are automatically doing it the wrong way. Strange!

Just for Liverpool players to start training how to shoot. If they learn then the benefit is massive. A lot more goals will be scored, a lot more points amassed and more trophies won.

Get on with it and learn. After that:

We Go Again.