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Sterling will score 20 goals, maybe 25

PlayersPosted by Leif Larsson Thu, August 21, 2014 14:39:15

He has played second fiddle in a few ways, now it´s time for Raheem Sterling to take center stage and score 20 goals or more for Liverpool this season.

Raheem Sterling left QPR for Liverpool academy in 2010. In March 2012 he made his first league appearence for Liverpool and became the second youngest to do so being 17 years and 107 days old at the time. In October the same year he once more were the second youngest, this time to score for Liverpool in the league. Recently he has been playing second fiddle, even third, to Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in the red forward line.

But this season Sterling, still only 19 years old, could well lead the attacking orchestra. The Jamaica-born winger and forward has developed sensationally in a year or two. From a shy, unprolific and one-dimensional (speed) player to an almost complete attacker.

His outrageous pace, both from a standstill to maximum speed and at full throttle running at defenders, is still his best weapon. Sterling has in an astonishing rate added plenty of components to that. He is tactical pretty astute already, quite strong in duels, a good passer of the ball, improving in dribbling and tricks and even his heading is getting better, proof coming against Southampton when he rose to steer the ball with his head into Sturridge´s path for the winner.

And above all, his goalscoring ability has substantially been upgraded, also seen against the Saints when he cooly and precisely put the ball in the net for the opener.

And I am sure he will be even more prolific in the coming months. His rapid feet and awarenwess of how to beat the offside trap will take him to numerous of gilt-edged chances. And he will convert a lot of them. And after every goal he will be more and more relaxed in these situations. His overall and growing game intelligence is also going to help him get into positions where goals can be scored.

I predict that Flash Sterling will compete for the golden boot to be top marksman in the Premier League and definitely score 20 league goals. Could even be 25.

And every time he puts the ball in the net the motto is:

I (we) go again.