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More nonsense from Pellegrini

MiscellanousPosted by Leif Larsson Sun, August 24, 2014 13:27:42

I don´t know if it´s mind games and/or if Manuel Pellegrini is scared ahead of the clash with Liverpool tomorrow night. Whatever it is he is not showing any humility at all.

Yesterday I posted an entry about the drivel that came out from the manager of Manchester City in a recent inteview. Today some more codswallop were published in the papers, and it probably came from the same interview.

He claims a few things, all of them not even close to reality. And downright disrespectful.

He says, for istance, that Liverpool´s 3-2-win against City last season was unjust and that the referee favoured Liverpool. He contends that Manchester City was the better team. Well, in my book the team that scores more is the best. That is what football is all about, score more than the opposition. Not creating chances or dominate possession. So his assessement is totally wrong.

And furthermore I don´t remember any major mistakes from the referee. Perhaps there was some but not as vital as the one in the game at Etihad between the teams. At 0-0 Raheem Sterling put the ball in the net only to be flagged off for offside despite being at least a yard onside. Check this link for proof:

A few minutes later Philippe Coutinho put Liverpool one-up and that goal would and should have meant a 2-0-lead had the referees done their job right. Why isn´t Pellegrini mentioning this? Oh, I forgot, that would undermine his biased reasoning.

He also says that title was decided over 38 games, yes that´s right, but if he thinks so why is a couple of alleged wrong decisions in the game against Liverpool so important. If all Citys games were examined then we certainly would find that they got a lot more wrong referee decisions going their way than what the opposition got. So again Pellegrini is on really thin ice with his comments. Twisted logic I would call it.

Ha also says that Steven Gerrard´s slip didn´t decide the title race. It was all the 38 games. He is both wrong and right. The team that collects the most points over 38 games is of course worthy champions. But, after 35 games Liverpool had it all in their own hands. Seven points from the last three matches would have been enough. And none of the games were against Man City so it was out of their hands to decide the title outcome. If Stevie hadn´t slipped then Liverpool had been league champions. So to say that the slip wasn´t decisive is wrong, at that time it was.

Ahead of the match tomorrow Pellegrini is also claiming that money is not the main thing in Manchester City being champions. It´s character, how they play and bla bla bla. If so, how come the club wasn´t champions for four decades and when the Abu Dhabi billionaires stepped in and splashed the cash they suddenly rose to the top? Another case of twisted logic. Chelsea is the other proof that money is essential. They hadn´t won the league for 50 years and not until the Russian billions flooded in they were able to.

And if money has little bearing on results how come Pellegrini never won anything as manager for five years with Villarreal where money surely were harder to come by.

One thing is for sure, Pellegrini knows that his team was lucky to win the league last season. They couldn´t do it on their own so they needed a slip from others to do it.

At least Pellegrini could admit that City had luck on their side and that it was Liverpool who handed them the championship. But he can obvioulsy only see things from one side. And that is a pity since he is representing the football champions of England. A man in his position should be more humble. He can afford it.

If Liverpool win on Monday night, it will be interesting to hear if the home manager comes up with new excuses.

We Reds do another thing, whatever the outcome:

We Go Again.