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Three defeats in five can end with the title

Records & statisticsPosted by Leif Larsson Fri, September 26, 2014 18:10:31

Liverpool has suffered three defeats in the five initial league fixtures this season. Newcomers QPR is the only other team to experience the same. Is it unrepairable or can Liverpool recover? An historical look gives a divided answer.

Twelve times through the years Liverpool has started with three setbacks in the first five games. On one occasion the Reds shaked it off and became champions. On another occasion it was detrimental as Liverpool got relegated.

The trophy winning season happened long ago, in the 1905/06 season. The Reds lost the first three matches and had the goal-difference 1-11. Then Liverpool changed things around dramatically and won 12 of the following 15 games. It took them to the top spot and there they stayed for the rest of the season.

In 1894/95 Liverpool´s fate was the opposite. They drew the first two matches and lost the following three. The results refused to pick up and not even a late rally was enough to save the Reds from relegation. Liverpool landed in 16th place, bringing up the rear.

These two seasons are the extreme examples how it can go if three of the first five matches are lost. Most of the three out of five seasons took place decades ago. Between the 1894/95 season and the one in 1937/38 it happened nine times. In 1924/25 Liverpool recovered pretty well and finished fourth. In 1911/12 it was on the other hand a close shave as Liverpool was only one point from relegation in 17th place.

In the fifties Liverpool twice suffered this kind of poor start. In 1954/55 the team landed in 11th place and in 1959/60 Liverpool turned things around and climbed to a final 3rd spot. After 1960 it took 52 years for Liverpool to once again be so slow out of the blocks and lose three out of five at the beginning. This was in fact two years ago and Liverpool had to settle for a 7th place finish. And now it has happened again.

Hopefully Liverpool can copy what the team in 1905/06 did, namely recuperate, get back on track and claim the title. Perhaps it´s just a dream but I´m confident that:

We Go Again.