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Avoid three 1-0-wins in the start

Records & statisticsPosted by Leif Larsson Fri, August 15, 2014 09:25:19

Last season Liverpool started with three straight 1-0-wins. Many would be satisfied with a repeat now. But let´s hope it doesn´t happen. Why? Because then the title chances are ruined.

How do I know? Historical facts tells me so.

115 seasons of top flight football i England has passed. Tomorrow number 116 starts.

During these 115 seasons Liverpool is one of only three teams to manage three 1-0-wins at the start. And none of the teams won the league, despite going to the summit after these three opening fixtures.

Liverpool did it last season, Stoke, Aston Villa and Manchester United were all downed by 1-0. The Reds went top of the league thanks to these triumphs but as we all know we had to settle for a second place finish.

Before that it was a long time since this extraordinary thing happened. In fact 94 years ago. In 1920/21 Huddersfield won their first three games with 1-0, went top of the table but skydived and finally landed in 17th place (out of 22).

Eight years earlier Manchester City did the same, won the first three fixtures by 1-0. It helped them to the top of the table but they didn´t remain there. The current champions dropped to a final 6th place.

I have thoroughly examined the starts of all 115 seasons and I think, and hope, that I haven´t missed anything and that the three mentioned occasions is the only ones when three opening 1-0-triumphs has occurred.

So if statitics is anything to cling to and belive in let´s hope Liverpool grabs three wins at the start of the season but avoids 1-0-results.

Should they anyhow do that then why not continue on the same path all season through and after every 1-0-win say:

We Go Again.