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A record-breaking poor record

Records & statisticsPosted by Leif Larsson Thu, November 13, 2014 17:15:12

Liverpool has started the season poorly, no question about that. When was it this bad last time? And what can we expect if the early season form continues?

Liverpool has lost five out of the first eleven league games and only picked up 14 points and is languishing in a lowly 11th position in the table.

Last time we did something similarly awful was in fact as recent as in the 2012/13 season. After eleven fixtures the Reds occupied a 13th place in the table standing on a mere twelve points. Even worse than this season. The defeats were three, fewer than this time around, but the wins were only two compared to the current four.

Goal-wise the record is almost the same this campaign and 2012/13. Liverpool had scored a meagre 14 then, same as now, and the goal against was 16 then compared to 15 this season. After that crappy start in 2012 Liverpool recovered some and climbed to a final 7th position gaining 61 points.

This was Brendan Rodgers first season in charge and his first eleven matches proved to produce a worse record than Roy Hodgson´s first eleven in the 2010/11 season. That time Liverpool claimed 15 points from the first eleven fixtures which meant a 9th place in the table. Goals for were 12, against 14. Roy Hodgson was sacked in January 2011 and replaced by Kenny Dalglish who managed to take the Reds to a sixth place with 58 points.

These poor records have only once been worse during the Premier League era. In the first season back in 1992/93 Liverpool was as low as 15 in the table after eleven matches standing on a mediocre 12 points.

If Liverpool keep up the current form in point-grabbing and goal-getting where will we land when the campaign is concluded? The current 14 points in eleven matches means we are collecting an average of 1,27 points per game. Same goes for goals, 14 goals scored at the moment means 1,27 goals per game. Goals against stands on 15 which gives an average of 1,36 goals per game.

If we collect 1,27 points per game the total after 38 matches will be 48 points. That amount would have put Liverpool in 11th place in last season´s table, one point behind Newcastle. With 48 points the most common place is around 9th to 11th in the final table. But sometimes it´s just enough for a 12th placing. So, if Liverpool keep up the current form we are in for a really bleak season and a pitiful final position far from the top.

The Reds has always managed to accumulate more than 48 points during the Premier League era of 22 years. I fact, Liverpool has never collected as few as 48 points since three points for a win was introduced in 1981/82. It would be sad if we ended that streak now.

If we continue our present goal-scoring form then the total sum in 38 matches will be a measly 48 goals. The same amount as we scored in 19 away games last season. But only three seasons back we were as goal-shy as now. In Kenny Dalglish´s last season at the helm, 2011/12, the Reds found the net only on 47 occasions.

Let´s hope that Liverpool rapidly can start to win and score more so we don´t have to suffer another depressing season victory- and goal-wise. In other words:

We Go Again.